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1953 Willys Military Jeep & 1952 Military Jeep Trailer

<b>1953 Willys Military Jeep</b> & 1952 Military Jeep Trailer 1

<b>1953 Willys Military Jeep</b> & 1952 Military Jeep Trailer 1
1953 Jeep and 1952 Military Jeep Trailer

eBay #:  350144509539
Near Orosi, CA
Sold for $3,410.00

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This is a 1953 Jeep and 1952 Military Jeep Trailer. They are both used and being sold strictly as is. NOTE: The jeep has the current title document, but the trailer is being sold without title or license and is not legal at this time on California roads.The trailer is being sold on Bill of Sale only!

The Jeep appears to be a M series jeep, possibly a M-38A1. The military data plate that listed all of the jeep information on the dash has been removed and is not part of the auction. The Jeep title document lists the VIN number as the motor number. No other data plates or VIN numbers were found on the Jeep. The trailer is military and the data plates are in place. On one side of the trailer, you can make out US Navy. The trailer overall is in very good condition. It will need only very minor repairs to restore back to original. The jeep started on it's own without a jump start. The age of the battery is unknown though. The battery will NOT be replaced by the district, so the buyer should be prepared to replace it if necessary.