June 2006
Volume 1

Selling Education Surplus on eBay™

We manage your online auctions from start to finish.   

We Found Buyers for Blackberries, Buildings and Buses on eBay!

As Purchasing officials know all too well, school districts have no shortage of surplus "stuff". Over the past two years, InterSchola has helped many school clients dispose of common asset categories such as vehicles, food service items, technology, shop equipment, etc. We can help dispose of many other types ofsurplus as well, often yielding high results for items you may believe have a limited value.

In May InterSchola helped the Clovis Unified School District dispose of a large number of Blackberry handheld devices that had recently been taken out of service by the district. We sorted these units into manageable lot sizes, found appropriate venues in which to promote and market these listings, and ultimately sold the units for over $1,300.00.

Also in May, we helped another California school district find an eBay buyer for a 40' x 8' storage container that had been converted into an office. When listed on eBay, thisitem sold for $1,225.00.

A few months ago, InterSchola helped a San Francisco Bay Area School District dispose of 17 retired school buses. We found buyers for all 17 buses on eBay and through our network of customers. Among the buses that were listed for public auction was a 1990 Ford Collins 18 Passenger Econoline School Bus, with over 378,000 miles. This bus sold for $2,225.00.

No matter what kind of item, no matter how old, and no matter how little value you may think it has, give us a call. We willlet you know if the item is a good candidate for an eBay sale. As your colleagues from the districts above have learned, you may be pleasantly surprised!

Linking Sellers With Buyers

InterSchola's mission is to link sellers of education-related surplus items with the buyers who need these same assets. Please let us know if you have any specific needs for high-quality used (and new) school items that are not listed in our current auctions. We can perform a search of your needs within our database and do our best to match your school with one of our clients as these items become available. Contact us at info@interschola.com.

Soaring Sell-Through Rates!

InterSchola is proud to report our fantastic sell-through rates.

We sold 15 of 15 items for a district in Southern CA (video production items on behalf of their Adult Education Center) for a total of $10,520.08.

We sold 28 of 30 items for Central California district (largely food service preparation, storage and delivery items, along with some science/lab tables).

We sold 68 of 69 items for another district in Central California (musical instruments including saxophones, baritones, flutes, trumpets, cellos, euphoniums, violins & others) totaling $5,925.00.


InterSchola is pleased to announce our partnership with School Services of California. See page 2 to read the article reprinted from SSC's May 2006 Fiscal Report.

From the President

I am pleased to report that our auction efforts continue to yield fantastic results. We continue to expand our network of buyers and to build our brand on eBay. We are confident that if there are buyers out there for your surplus items, we will find them for you. In May, we were thrilled toannounce our partnership with School Services of California, a highly regarded advisor to districts and education institutionsin matters of management, governance, and fiscal responsibilities. We are very excited, givenSSC's longstanding relationships with so many California districts.

If you have questions about InterSchola's services, please contact me directly at mrich@interschola.com.

Happy Summer!

Melissa Rich, President & Founder

Reprinted from School Services of California

May 26, 2006           volume 25           no. 11

Copyright (C) 2006 School Services of California, Inc.

School Services and Interschola Partnership

We are pleased to announce that School Services of California has entered into a partnership agreement with InterSchola, LLC, a company that assists school districts and other public agencies to effectively manage and dispose of surplus assets. The InterSchola model for asset disposal requires no upfront cost and poses no risks to school districts, yet provides a creative approach for school districts that have limited resources to manage the task of surplus asset removal and sale.

InterSchola assists school districts with selling their surplus goods to a global audience in an online auction environment through eBay, their auction partner. The process is conducted in accordance with all state Education Code and regulatory requirements governing the disposal/sale of surplus assets. Interschola staff manage the entire auction process from start to finish, including:

  • Identifying assets that are deemed salable
  • Writing descriptions and photographing the items for sale
  • Preparing board resolutions to meet all Education Code requirements
  • Creating auction listings on eBay
  • Marketing upcoming auctions
  • Maintaining communications with prospective buyers
  • Handling all aspects of transaction close
  • Coordinating shipping and pick up with buyers
  • Delivering a check to school clients for their portion of the proceeds of each sale and a detailed report documenting every transaction

We believe that the InterSchola service model will help reduced districts' storage costs (there are more frequent asset sales throughout the year), reduced transportation costs (the model allows for sales from multiple locations), and reduced asset disposal costs (the sale of surplus assets eliminates the need for school districts to pay to have the same items hauled away for scrap value).

We at School Services look forward to this partnership and know that our clients will find that a valuable service is provided by Interschola. For more information, go to InterSchola's website at www.interschola.com.

-The Editor

(Posted to the internet 5/17/06)

Items In Demand

InterSchola has been active at education industry events, publicizing our online marketplace for surplus K-12 education assets.

We want to make you aware of some of our recent requests for specific goods - in case your district may be interested in disposing of these same items now or in the very near future. We'd like to help you get these assets into the hands of interested buyers while returning cash to your district!

Recent asset requests include:
video production equipment food service items shop equipment
emergency vehicles sports equipment musical instruments

For information about partnering with InterSchola or to learn more about our services, contact:
Jeff Greenholtz, Sales and Client Management
888-653-7360 ext 2